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Immersive climbing wall at Laser Quest Derby!

Visit Laser Quest Derby today and take on the Augmented Climbing Wall challenge!

Pit your wits against friends, family and colleagues with Derby’s ONLY Augmented Climbing Wall! A new, exciting and immersive game platform that offers a range of game-play including boulder climb as well as single and muilti-player games such as:


Whack-A-Bat provides thrilling experiences for both new and experienced climbers. This game can be played on your own or with a friend. Players can choose from six different difficulty levels so both competitive climbers and little kids can have fun with the same game. The goal is to Whack-a-Bat when it appears on the wall, you only have so long to get to them before they fly away and you lose the game.


Astromania is a single player game where your goal is to protect the earth from incoming asteroids. The earth is located in the centre of the wall and the play can destroy the asteroids by hitting them with their hand or foot. Astromania has two different difficulty levels, normal and hard. On hard mode the amount and speed of asteroids is higher than on normal mode.


Climball is a ballgame for two players. There are two game modes available: Competitive and Co-operative. In Competitive mode, the goal is to get the ball to the opponent’s end of the wall. In Co-operative the players work together to collect points while trying to keep the ball within the play area.

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Flash is a single-player speed climbing game. The game has individual levels where players compete to claim the fastest time from start to finish. The levels are numbered routes starting at way point 1 and finish at way point 2-30. The game starts the timer when the player touches the first way point on the climbing wall. The level is finished when the player touches the final way point. The player is then shown their score matched up to any previous ones and if they were the fastest. This can be played by yourself or in a group.


Sparks is suitable for all skill levels. There are four categories of levels available: Kids, Static, Dynamic and Custom. Climbers can use any holds they like as long as they don’t touch the electrical barriers. You start the game by pressing the Play button on the wall. The goal is to get to the stop button without touching the electricity. Beware! In the dynamic levels the electricity can move. You can see a preview of the level on the wall before playing. You are also able to create new levels, to test your abilities.


Shadowlings is Valo Motion’s newest game for ValoClimb®. These fluffy creatures interact with your shadow. The game is about using your shadow to move the Shadowlings through different levels and finally bringing them home. You can even tickle them, you’ll see, they love it!

Our Augmented climbing wall is Ideal for all skill levels, abilities and ages and is perfect for kids parties, stag and hen do’s, team-building, corporate events and more! Its perfectly safe, supervised and offers a game-play experience like no other! Videos are recorded in each game, so players can upload them as private online videos to share with friends!

Why not add a game or two of Laser Quest to your Augmented Climbing Wall experience and take advantage of all the other amenities to make for a thoroughly fun filled time down at Laser Quest Derby! To book your Augmented Climbing Wall session, call our booking line today on 0330 122 2205!

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